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Project Nomination for the RIBA Silver Medal - Designed by Ben Murphy

Ben murphy of MDG wins the ‘Claire Wrigley Lighting Prize’ for the best use of Natural Light within an Architectural Project for one of his undergraduate projects. Bens final academic project was entitled ‘Connecting the City’, where he devised a masterplan for a dilapidated, post-industrial man-made island (Zorrotzaurre) in the centre of Bilbao. The project acknowledged how the island physically divides the city, restricts growth and makes travelling across the city awkward for residents; as such, the latter stage of the project included detailed designs for a Multi-Modal Transport Hub, where all of Bilbao’s public transport infrastructure (Rail, Metro, Tram, Bus, Ferry, Taxi) would converge to boost connectivity and ultimately benefit Zorrotzaurre and the wider Bilbao region. Ben's project received a Nomination for the RIBA Silver Medal.

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